4 Effective Ways To Stop Snoring 

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Snoring is caused when, during sleeping, the air in the lungs does not pass smoothly across respiratory organs, leading to the production of a loud noise. Snoring is totally involuntary, embarrassing and may at times cause difficulty in sleeping. Here are a few ways that can effectively take care of that annoying snoring habits.


The way and position in which you sleep can have an effect on your snoring. By sleeping on your back for example, your tongue and the area below your chin relaxes. It may block the smooth flow of air, in and out of your lungs. Because of this, people with fat chins are most likely to snore. If a side position is assumed instead, the tongue cannot block the air path. Moreover, the position ensures that the throat and neck muscles do not block the air-passage.This way snoring may be prevented. 


People with snoring tendencies may have poor eating habits.Poor in the sense that they do not particularly consider what they eat before bedtime. First of all, overeating before bed increases chances of snoring. Be sure to take just enough before you get to bed. Food with too much spice should also be avoided before bedtime.Some spices may cause a hoarse throat which is vulnerable for snoring. Moreover, consider taking little amounts of foods like honey, olive-oil or tea before bed. Honey in particular cleanses the throat making it hard to produce too much noise when sleeping and can be a anti-snoring agent.


By undertaking a few exercises before bed, snoring can be reduced and eventually eliminated. Exercising cleans the lungs and the wind-pipe thereby ensuring that during your sleep, the air from the lungs will passes through a clean wind-pipe. This way, snoring can be limited. If the exercises are maintained snoring can eventually be eliminated. 


Snoring takes place from the mouth. People with snoring habits have the tendency of breathing via the mouth rather than the nose when sleeping. By ensuring your nose is clean, clear and that breathing is through the nose, you can easily stop snoring. Keep your nose clean by exercising and using medication in case of allergies. 


Habits like smoking and alcohol consumption can encourage snoring. Smoking gradually blocks the throat and nose. Passage of air is not smooth and this may encourage snoring. Alcohol on the other hand relaxes the throat too much and may lead to bad sleeping habits that will encourage snoring. If the two are avoided, snoring can stop. 

Another way of solving your snoring problem is by acquiring over the counter medication and anti-snoring medicine from the doctor. According to reviews, some of the medication works effectively but unfortunately, is accompanied by side-effects like nausea.